How will market changes in 2017 affect Terra Linda?

Terra LInda has a nice mix of single family homes and townhome/condo communities. Two things to know about Terra Linda: #1–The Post Office classifies Terra Linda as just another part of San Rafael. But home buyers know there’s one important difference — Terra Linda is home to the highly regarded Dixie School District. #2–Zillow and other search sites do not include Lucas Valley homes at the northern edge of Terra LInda in their search. We do, because most of these homes are also in the Dixie School District. The charts & graphics below show market activity for the Terra Linda area.


These Sales Affect the Value of Your Home. How?

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What’s the data below tell us about the market?  How many homes sold above the asking price? How long to sell? How many multiple offers? Check it out. You might be surprised …

71 Homes Sold w/Multiple Offers

  • 74 Homes Sold ABOVE List Price
  • 15 Homes Sold AT List Price
  • 47 Homes Sold BELOW List Price

These trends affect you!

WHAT ARE TERRA LINDA HOMES REALLY WORTH?   Even the best online algorithm can be misleading. A key indicator of market strength is how long homes take to sell. Check our Days-on-Market chart below to learn more.

Homes Sold in 15 Days or Less

  • 24 Homes

Homes Sold in 16 to 30 Days

  • 43 Homes

Homes Sold in 31 to 60 Days

  • 33 Homes

Homes Sold in 61 Days or More

  • 36 Homes

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