blog-5-10-15-image-low-inventory-hands-house-BLUR-1008x673Marin IJ | Janis Mara | posted: 5/9/2015
Spring, the peak of house hunting season, has arrived along with perfect weather in Marin, with just one problem: There’s nothing to buy.

The county has a mere 40 days’ worth of inventory available, local agents report, meaning that if no new homes went up for sale, it would take 40 days to sell every home on the market. Normal inventory is about four months’ worth.

“I told my clients that after the Super Bowl the houses would come on the market. Then I said, ‘After spring break.’ Then it was, ‘After Easter,’ and here we are in the middle of May and there’s still no inventory,” said Patricia Navone, an agent with Pacific Union International.

“In certain neighborhoods, like Corte Madera and Larkspur, there’s less than one month’s worth of inventory on the market,” said Paul Cingolani, a real estate investment broker with Bradley Real Estate in Mill Valley. “Things are getting gobbled up. People are putting homes on the market and after one open house and one broker tour, the home is sold.

“It’s a challenge for buyers,” Cingolani said.

In February, “People are getting their properties ready to sell, staging them, cleaning them up. Typically the first of March through when schools let out is high season,” agent Suzanne Dwight told the Independent Journal.

Unfortunately, it appears that the sellers didn’t get the memo.

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