blog-5-9-15-image-listings-in-RE-ofc-window-284x177.fwMortgage Professional America | posted: 4/7/2015
While the U.S. residential market is gaining momentum some markets are doing significantly better than others, according to data Veros Real Estate Solutions, a risk management, collateral valuation services and predictive analytics firm.

The latest VeroFORECAST also found two interesting market areas, one on each coast, that reflect both the predicted top and bottom growth areas in the residential market.

The national forecast grew to 3.2% annual appreciation for the 12-month period ending March 1, 2016, increasing over the previous forecasted rate last quarter of 2.4%. The national real estate market forecast covers 967 counties, 333 metro areas, and 13,549 zip codes.

Veros report revealed a “Tale of Two Coasts” in the forecast’s top and bottom residential markets. Six out of the top 10 appreciating markets are located within a 75-mile radius in the Bay Area of California. Conversely, six of the bottom 10 markets are located within a 100-mile radius in the Northeast coastal area.

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